Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in your local marketplace or simply dipping your toes in the water as a first time agent, there’s no denying that having a stable of killer real estate landing pages is vital to bringing in interested buyers and sellers to your digital domain. In fact, it’s not that big of a stretch to view these offerings as the most important piece of the lead generation puzzle.

With this perspective leading the way, let’s take a minute to look over 13 beautiful examples or actual real estate landing pages that are killing it with target audiences across North America. This way, as you’re crafting winning offerings of your own on Instapage or whichever other landing page tool you prefer, you’ll have everything you need to knock the proverbial socks off of your target audience.

Julie Peisner, Paragon Realty Group

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Why it rocks: Simple. Elegant. Straightforward. Peisner utilizes a stunning image of the San Francisco skyline and concise contact and listing info to create a visually-pleasing minimalist landing page experience.


Vision Investment Properties

Why it rocks: Originally spotlighted in a piece on the Wishpond blog, Vision Investment Properties’ landing page leverages a high quality graphic and a creative “optional” sign-up form that allows the visitor to provide as much lead information as he or she chooses.


Elika Associates

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Why it rocks: A friendly greeting, two strong calls-to-action (CTAs), and a bright background image creates a cheerful and enticing setting for potential clients who land on this page.


SMU Area Realty

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Why it rocks: A strong color scheme, bright visual listings, and a search tool that takes center stage ensures SMU Area Realty’s landing page gets right to the point and kicks the lead generation process into high gear in a hurry.


Becky Frey Real Estates

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Why it rocks: Having Becky Frey’s Twitter live feed, social buttons, a link to her personal app, and access to her blog makes this one of the more interactive real estate landing pages on the web – all without feeling cluttered or crowded.


Whiffin and Wilson

Why it rocks: The sleek design of this landing page and expert use of a bulleted list compliment the upscale style of two of Vancouver’s premiere high end real estate consultants.


Andrew Doumont, One Percent Guys

Screen Cap 5Why it rocks: The usage of a personal image as the backing visual and a strong value proposition makes this simple landing page personable and inviting to incoming visitors.


Prime Den Real Estate

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Why it rocks: Colorful, vibrant, and high energy. Is there really a better way to represent the experience of living in Miami?


Dream Town Chicago Real Estate

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Why it rocks: Dream Town’s interactive landing page background gives potential clients an immersive and sweeping view of downtown Chicago that breathes life into the experience in ways that still images simply can’t match.


Vintage Oaks

Why it rocks: Vintage Oaks’ landing page leverages geographically-relevant imagery and a concise lead generation form to help promote its “Real Estate Buying Guide” – a valuable piece of premium content.


Carolina Real Estate Studio

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Why it rocks: Clean and refreshing, Carolina Real Estate Studio’s offering drops the interested party right into the sales experience without making the process overly confusing.


Top Agents Ranked

Why it rocks: Using “cartoonish” imagery to represent your brand seems risky initially, but Instapage’s Fahad Muhammad points out that pairing up this eye-catching graphic with strong content flow and trust seals is the perfect recipe for a winning real estate landing page.


Yvette Latona, C.J. Brown Realtors

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Why it rocks: Customer testimonials are some of the most powerful assets to include in the lead generation process, so it makes sense for savvy realtors like Yvette Latona to incorporate these selections into the landing page process.


As you can see, there is no “one size fits all” approach to developing killer real estate landing pages; winning offerings on this front come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Fortunately, with these examples leading the way, you now have all the inspiration and insight you need to create a stable of landing pages that not only show off your personality and professional expertise, but also generate a ton of new client leads.