Courtnie Erickson, Real Estate Content Specialist,

Social media is a fast and simple tool to reach your audience, share information, and promote your brand. When utilized correctly, this tool does more than just allow you to promote your newest listing. You can brand yourself as a real estate expert and share knowledge about your community. Plus, social media is where you will find your audience. Statistics show that:

  • There are more than 2.23 billion monthly active Facebook users
  • On average, 1.47 billion people log onto Facebook daily
  • The most common age demographic for Facebook is 25 to 34-year-olds.

But if you truly want to reach this audience, then you must be smart. You must post content that your followers care about — that they actually want to see. Rather than post the same listings over and over again, here are 25 social media posts that are sure to attract followers.

1. Content from your website’s blog.

2. Video testimonials of former clients.

3. Information about new businesses being built in the area.

4. Upcoming community events.

5. Price changes to local listings.

6. Live video sessions explaining industry-related topics or jargon.

7. “Learn about me” posts. These give background information into who you are, your real estate experience, and why buyers and sellers should hire you.

8. “How-to” articles on anything home-related.

9. Business spotlights — choose a local business to highlight.

10. Most recent reviews of your services.

11. Photos from an event you sponsored or participated in.

12. Ask for feedback about the current housing market, your services, community event, etc.

13. Current real estate market updates.

14. Interesting facts and tidbits about homeownership, money, energy usage, real estate, etc.

15. Photos and information from a local charity event.

16. Change in local demographics — crime statistics, school rankings, etc.

17. Video tour of a new listing.

18. A Q&A session regarding a specific real estate topic.

19. Big events such as a long-time house hunter just closed on a new home, a seller sold their house in one day, etc.

20. Home decorating and staging tips.

21. Photos and video of homes you have sold that are currently (or just finished) being renovated.

22. Current events and news articles.

23. Post updates or examples of how local sellers are preparing their home for a sale. Things like painting, landscaping, hosting garage sales, etc.

24. Promote your real estate newsletter.

25. Host contests, giveaways, etc.

A few additional ideas include:

  • The fun and unique history of your community
  • Upcoming weather reports such as large snow storms or high heat warnings
  • Information about local fundraisers
  • Interviews with influential members of the community
  • Neighborhood tours
  • Promotion of any recognition or press you have received

By posting more than just your newest listing every day, you will better capture the attention of your audience and they will actually stop and engage in your post.

Keep in mind that it is better to be fully active on one social media platform than try to be active on multiple platforms. If you just don’t have time to beef up your social media presence, hire someone who can.