Courtnie Erickson, Real Estate Content Specialist,

Did you know more than 90% of homebuyers conducted online research during their house hunt? And more than 42% of homebuyers looked online for properties as the first step in their home-buying process?


Statistics show that potential homebuyers are looking online to purchase homes. Very rarely are they stepping into a real estate agent’s office without first browsing the internet and discovering what is available to them. This means for agents, you must build up your online presence and your content marketing must be top-notch so these buyers will find you and hire you.


Many agents just assume that content marketing involves maintaining a simple blog. And while blogging is extremely effective at generating leads and improving your website’s traffic, it is not all. As you beef up your online presence and your content marketing strategy, here are four things you should keep in mind.

1. Write About Your Own Experiences


One of the many reasons real estate agents tend to slack off or procrastinate publishing on their blog or social media channels is because they don’t know what to write about. They have a difficult time determining what topics would provide value and be informative to their readers. One of the best ways to remedy this problem is to write about the questions you receive as a real estate agent or the issues your clients often face. Jennifer Queen, a real estate agent in Winnipeg, Manitoba, said she focuses on these types of topics and it better targets individuals who are likely dealing with the same thing.


“Writing this unique and specific content helps to ensure we show up in the search results as an authority figure on the topic when others search it,” she said. “It also helps increase our site rankings as our content is published regularly.”

2. You Don’t Take the Time to Learn Social Media


If you truly want to generate high-quality leads from your social media channels, you must learn all you can about the platform — essentially become a master of it. If you truly want to do a good job, don’t just be average, stand out.


“Do I think that every agent should use social media in their business?” Queen said. “Yes. But, if you are one of those agents that isn’t interested in social media and doesn’t have a desire to learn and explore the opportunities that go with it, then don’t bother. Creating a page and posting listing after listing will be a waste for you. It is a long-term strategy that needs to constantly be fed. When my team is busier, and we aren’t able to post as regularly as usual, we see our following drop, engagement drop, and ultimately our leads from social media accounts drop.”


3. Write to Your Audience


Who is your target audience? Do you work closely with many first-time homebuyers or senior citizens looking to downsize their home? Whoever your audience is, write to them. Write friendly, conversational content, not articles or essays that sound like they’ve come out of an academic journal. You want to connect with your audience. You want to build a relationship with them, to appear as an authority, and as someone they can trust. If the content is too difficult to understand, bogged down, or just plain boring, you will likely receive very little engagement and it will offer very little value to the people you want to connect with the most.


4. Keep It Simple


You don’t have to create elaborate, over-the-top content marketing strategies to succeed. In fact, by sticking with the basics and becoming efficient and focused, you will see many results

“I have tried to create elaborate and fancy websites in the past, but people don’t want to read your 10 paragraphs on why you are so great,” Queen said. “Use some stats, use keywords important to your market, make it easy to search your listings, make your call-to-actions easy, and fill the rest with great (AND ORIGINAL) content!”

When you are working on your content marketing strategy, keep the following in mind:

  • Your content goals and calls-to-action
  • What type of platforms you wish to utilize to reach your audience
  • How often you post
  • Who your audience is

By remembering the above points in all your content, you will see improvement in your leads and traffic.

“People like to see someone who isn’t just a template of every other realtor. Find your voice, what you stand for, and design your website from that,” Queen said.

If you want to create an incredible content marketing strategy, contact the experts at Writtn for Real Estate Pros today. They can help you create blog posts, social, and even newsletters that will engage, excite, and inform your audience.