Courtnie Erickson, Real Estate Content Specialist,

There is no shortage of real estate agents around the world. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors in the United States, there are approximately 1.3 million real estate agents in America alone. So, what are you doing to stand out from your competition? How are you setting yourself apart?

Your real estate website is the one tool you have to showcase your knowledge, expertise, and personality. You don’t want to blend in and have a cookie cutter website that looks like everyone else. Rather, you want a website that stands out from the crowd and helps you generate leads.

Let’s take a look at five types of your content your real estate website needs to help you stand out from the competition.

1. An About Page

A home is a large investment and buyers and sellers want to work with someone who they trust and feel has their best interest at heart. An About page is a simple webpage that allows potential buyers to get to know you. It gives them a brief look into your expertise, your background in the industry, your accomplishments, etc. Essentially, this is an excellent time to brag about yourself and make visitors want to hire you.

2. Landing Pages

Landing pages are webpages designed specifically to generate leads. These pages can target a very specific niche such as first-time homebuyers, buyers looking in a certain price range, and sellers in a specific neighborhood. Often, these pages are designed so potential buyers and sellers will provide their contact information in exchange for an eBook, home value estimate, home-buyer checklist, etc. When done correctly, you can gather a large number of targeted, high-quality leads.

3. Real Estate Blog

A company blog must be a priority. This is one of the most important pieces of content on your real estate website. Not only does this make your website more informative and valuable to your audience, but it helps boost your SEO, makes you appear as an expert in the industry, and creates more engagement with your audience. Take the time to truly focus on your company blog. Statistics show that blogging is well-worth your time. For example:

  • Approximately 60% of businesses who blog gain more customers.
  • Companies who publish approximately 16 or more blog posts each month receive 3.5 times more traffic than those who do not.
  • For companies who publish 11 or more blog posts each month, they receive up to 3 times more traffic than those who do not.
  • 1 in 10 blog posts are compounding, which means that as time goes on, traffic increases.

If you need more information on creating a blog, check out this how-to guide. Also, don’t stress yourself out. Outsource your blog writing to experts to help you create a blog that will boost traffic and generate leads.

4. Contact Page

One mistake that many real estate agents make is failing to display clear contact information. You don’t want potential buyers or sellers to struggle with finding your contact information. You want to make it very simple for every visitor to contact you. And, a phone number is not enough. Today, many individuals prefer online forms of communication whether that is instant messaging, email, etc.

5. Resource Pages

You want areas of your real estate website to target specific niches such as buyers or sellers. One way to do this is to create resource pages. For buyers, they can click on this section of your website and have ample information on the current real estate market in your location, a home-buyers checklist, first-time buyer information, mortgage and financing information, etc. You can create these pieces of content so they are specific to your business, location, and customers. Update these resources regularly and continue to add to them.

Additionally, be creative when you come up with resource pages. You don’t need to focus exclusively on buyers and sellers. For example, you can create a resource page centered around your specific location and provide a list of attractions and amenities in the area such as best places to eat breakfast, best places for teenagers, activities with animals, free activities for young children, etc.


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