You’ve put if off long enough. As big of a change from your normal operations as it might seem right now, you’ve got to step up and start blogging. Blogging is one of the best tools today’s relator has for getting quality clients and ultimately more successful closings. Regardless of what concerns and uncertainties you have, this path to success is the ultimate bottom line. Still don’t believe it? Just take a minute to look over the five top reasons why you need to blog and it won’t be long before you’re convinced that a switch is in order.

 A Blog Will Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Yes, your blog, when filed with popular search terms and links to your site’s pages, will drive more visitors to your website to view your listings. In terms of impact, real estate professionals with blogs get 55 percent more web visitors than those who opt to go the other way. It’s also worth mentioning that 90 percent of real estate searches start out online. Add to that the fact that 41 percent of traffic from search engines goes to blogs and you’ll get a sense of what you can achieve once you start offering content to prospective buyers in your area.

A Blog Will Impress Your Clients

When you’ve got a listing on the market, you know all too well that your seller wants to be certain that you’re doing everything possible to send prospective buyers in their direction. One of the best ways to reach a big audience of home seekers is to prove you’re adept at the full range of social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and yes, blogging. Since only about five percent of Realtors are also bloggers – far fewer than those who utilize Facebook – you’ll stand out as being a member of the cutting edge.

A Blog Is the Best Way to Brand Yourself Online

More than a Facebook company page, more than a Pinterest board, a real estate blog is your best professional branding tool. After all, it’s your voice that’s coming through directly to your readers, and your personality that’s creating the tone and style of the communication. So step into the spotlight and show those buyers and sellers who are searching the web for information why you should be their realtor.

A successful brand, both in person and online, needs to be targeted. With this in mind, focus your blog on the market you want to serve. Whether it’s first time buyers, empty nesters, luxury buyers, young families, or time-starved professionals, finding out who your most desired clients are and building blog posts that to appeal them is the key to developing your digital brand.

A Blog Establishes You as an Expert

People come to the web looking for information and advice. Your blog is your opportunity to give them what they’re seeking based on your own training and experience in real estate. By harnessing this knowledge of the market and the current issues in the industry, you can turn those information seekers into clients who see you as a trusted source of information.

What is your expertise? Choose a few areas in which you have a depth of knowledge and experience, in addition to a few topics that will be of current interest to home buyers and sellers. By honing in on these strengths, you can put yourself in a position to share this knowledge and build a strong relationship with the person on the other side of the screen.

A Blog Is a Window on Your Market

You’ve probably never thought of a real estate blog as a “two-way street,” but that’s exactly what you can expect. As a blogger you’ll find yourself connecting with your market through both buyer analytics and the comments section. Encourage these comments from your readers by concluding your posts with questions, or even making the entire piece a Q&A right from the start. Once you’ve started generating a response, make sure to respond to those comments when possible to keep the good vibes flowing, even it’s just a simple thank you.

As you can see, there’s plenty of compelling reasons to build or commission a blog around your real estate business. The path might require a little extra work, or the help of a team of content experts, but the benefits of differentiating yourself on this front are simply too great to pass up.

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