Courtnie Erickson, Real Estate Content Specialist,

Did you know that your blog readers are likely to remember just 10% of the information they read three days later, but if there is a powerful image attached, they will retain up to 65% of that data?    


Including images in your blog post and other types of content helps create powerful, captivating content. It helps capture the attention of your audience almost immediately and it greatly improves your engagement and the likelihood of the content being shared. Statistics show that:


  • Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without.
  • Articles with one image every 100 words receives double the number of shares.
  • Facebooks posts with images will see 2.3 times more engagement than those with no images.


However, to truly reap the benefits of visual content, you can’t just choose any stock photo. Choosing the right image will make all the difference. Here are a few expert tips to help you choose the best images for your real estate blog posts.


1. Look for Interesting Images


When browsing a royalty-free image service, you will see dozens of high-quality photos but they are terribly boring. Just as the content in your blog must provide some value to your reader, you want your image to do the same. You want your readers to stop and stare at the image.


Let’s use the following images as an example. We visited the website Pexels and searched for the word “family.” While there are dozens of images that appeared, the following is one of the first. While this image has some good qualities, like holding hands, young kids, etc. You can’t see their faces, you don’t know where they are going, you don’t know what they are doing, etc. Basically, it doesn’t give you much information.

Now, look at the following image. This also appeared in the search for “family.” While this image doesn’t show an entire family, it gives you a glance at the faces of your subjects. Your subjects are laughing and doing something. It also is colorful and visually appealing. You are more likely to be pulled into this image than the one above.

2. What Does It Add to the Article?


When you post an image with your blog post, always ask yourself, what is this adding to the content? Is it just to take up space? Is it to add color? Or does it actually provide some information and help the reader visualize the topic or idea? While you certainly want to include visuals, you want to include images that help move a story along, not just because you feel like you need to.


3. Take Your Time


Finding and enhancing the images for your content should be a vital step in your content strategy. Some bloggers take only a few minutes to find and download images. They take little time to format or edit the images. Make sure that as you work on your content strategy, you focus on the visuals in your blog post and make this step a priority. Approximately 32% of marketers feel that visual content is the most important form of content with blogging close behind.


4. Look at the Overall Quality


Take the time to learn some basics of uploading and publishing images. For example, as you look for quality images, is the image you are considering too small for your particular post? If so, it will likely appear pixelated and have poor resolution. By learning some of the basics of downloading, editing, and publishing photos, you increase the likelihood of your images looking great no matter what device and size of screen your readers are using.  


5. Include it In Your Budget


If you don’t have much experience in graphic design, it may be wise to hire someone to assist you in creating powerful visuals for your posts. Visuals such as banner images and infographics are fairly simple for most graphic designers to complete and they will take your posts to a new level. And if you do have some graphic design experience, investing in strong editing software is a must.


Whether you are creating custom-made images or publishing a stock photo, choosing the right image is going to create more engaging, captivating copy.

To help take your real estate blog to the next level, contact the experts at Writtn for Real Estate Pros to help. Give them a call today for more information.