Engage your audience

Courtnie Erickson, Real Estate Content Specialist, Getwrittn.com

Creating content for your blog, website, social channels, and even your newsletter is much more than simply writing. It is writing content that is engaging and actually helping your audience. It is not focusing so much on the sale and more on interacting and connecting with your audience. But how do you do that? How do you engage your audience? Here are five things you can do.


  1. Value! Value! Value!


Writing and sharing content that offers value to your audience is vital. If you don’t make your content useful to your readers, they aren’t going to waste time reading it. Remember, that we live in a society that depends greatly on instant gratification. If we can’t find answers to our questions or the information we are looking for right away, we are going to move on to someone who will. Make sure all your content is informative, answers a question, and is educational. Basically, make sure it is valuable.

  1. Be Diverse


When you post the same type of content over and over again, your audience is going to become bored. Diverse content is essential to attracting your audience. It makes them stop on your social page to see what you have recently posted. It makes them anxious for your next blog post. And, it makes them quickly open your email newsletter. Plus, various content works together to help you become more successful. For example, the content you post on your blog creates powerful social media content. It also improves your SEO, which helps your website become easily found on the search engines. Newsletters and social media also drive traffic to your website and blog, helping you build a much larger following.


Even better, when you post diverse content, it shows that you truly know your stuff. You are an expert in the industry, which is what many potential real estate clients are looking for.


  1. Hold a Contest or Giveaway


A great way to engage your audience is by hosting a contest or giveaway. People love the thrill of winning new items — particularly if an excellent prize is on the line. Host several contests on your social channels. You can do things like choose a random winner if they tag three friends or share the post. You can create fun games or host large events. Be as creative as possible and you’ll see your engagement increase.


  1. Be Visual


Statistics show that content with images is more likely to be shared than content with little visual appeal. Make sure you include images throughout all your blog posts and your website. Additionally, include images in your newsletters and social media postings. These images are what capture the attention of your audience. In fact, the human attention span is less than that of a goldfish. You have very little time to attract your audience and keep them on the page. Luckily, images are an excellent way to do this. Just make sure you choose fun and captivating images. Boring images aren’t going to provide much value.


  1. Keep Copy Clean


When you are looking for ways to improve your blog and your social media channels, you frequently hear how important it is to write relevant and valuable content (Which it is! We mentioned it above!) But, it is also important to create content with few errors and grammar mistakes. When your content contains multiple errors, your audience will pick up on it and will often leave the page right away. It decreases your credibility, hurts your brand, and scares away your followers. Not only should you spend lots of time researching and including relevant content, also make sure it is clean, easy-to-read, and free from mistakes

If writing content that is engaging seems a little overwhelming and scary, don’t let it. Hire expert writers to help you turn your boring and dull content into something that is valuable, fun to read, and quickly captures the attention of your audience.