Having a great realtor website isn’t just a good idea or something that you’d like to “get around to” eventually; it’s essential to the health of your digital presence. In fact, even though it sounds like hyperbole at first, this virtual asset is actually the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to enjoying a sustainable – and profitable – career in today’s modern real estate landscape.

Unfortunately, there’s still a plethora of real estate agents out there who simply don’t understand the importance of winning via strong site design. To ensure that you don’t fall into this less than illustrious company, here’s a look at everything you need to know about developing a winning realtor website.

 Make Navigation Intuitive

At the top of the list of attributes that point to an engaging and effective realtor website is employing intuitive and easily-understood page navigation elements. As Jennifer Lonoff Schiff of CIO explains, failing to make an effort on this front can lead to confusing layouts and a bevy of potential clients that abandon your page before they ever have a chance to delve into your expertise and services.

A better course of action is to aim for a straightforward approach to site navigation. Specifically, Schiff suggests trying to adhere by the following guidelines as you lay out your page:

  • Use a branded logo that always redirects viewers to your homepage.
  • Place the more important links, calls-to-action (CTAs), and site elements toward the top of the page.
  • Skip the clutter and focus only on essential content and navigational tools. Visual overload can ruin the site experience and drive buyers and sellers away from your page.

If you’re able to play by these rules, then you’re well on your way to offering up an inviting, easily navigable, and engaging realtor website.

Leverage Images and Themes Strategically

Taking this concept a step further, Schiff also points out that having a strategic approach to the visual experience is also vital to the design process. Much like your professional portrait or the business card you hand out to prospective clients, nailing the right choices regarding colors, themes, and images sends a strong message to first-time visitors and returning real estate clients alike.

“It is also important to use a color palette that complements your logo and is consistent with your other marketing materials.” – Jennifer Lonoff Schiff, CIO

As far as overarching themes go, focus on neutral main colors and add in a dash of more vibrant selections for headlines and key graphics. Doing so helps funnel these visitors toward the most important content found on your site and provides you with some measure of control regarding your realtor website experience.

Additionally, say goodbye to generic photos or stock imagery and spring for professional offerings when possible. Digital viewers have an uncannily strong ability to sniff out these low quality inclusions, thereby leaving potential clients with a less than stellar first impression.

Embrace Responsive Design

Of course, the biggest hurdle facing the creation of a winning realtor website is the need for both strong desktop and mobile variations of your page. Whether you’re ready to accept this reality or not, John Rampton of The Huffington Post points out that there’s no escaping the ongoing shift toward mobile-centric domains.

“As more people are beginning to use mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, for every task that used to be only capable on desktop, one thing has become clear: Mobile is taking over Internet surfing.” – John Rampton, The Huffington Post

Incorporating a responsive design that recalibrates the various site elements to fit the current device screen of the viewer can alleviate this issue and ensure that your on-the-go audience is always able to enjoy the benefits of browsing your page. More specifically, leveraging a responsive design allows for easy reading experiences, minimal scrolling and navigation, and an all-round more pleasant browsing experience for each segment of your digital following.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call in the Experts

If all of this sounds like a lot to handle or seems a little overwhelming, don’t worry – you’re not the first agent to feel this way. Building a winning realtor website isn’t the easiest undertaking out there, so there’s nothing wrong with reaching out for a helping hand if you’re not comfortable or familiar with the technical side of this process.

In particular, experts like those found over at 99designs can help you implement the perfect page theme and design, as well as offer up a multitude of other services (logo development, mobile app creation, etc.) This means that if you’re able to bring in a team of professionals like this one, as well as leverage the rest of what we’ve covered here, then there’s nothing that can stop you from launching a website that knocks the socks off of buyers and sellers in your local marketplace.