Courtnie Erickson, Real Estate Content Specialist,

Social media is one of your best tools as a real estate agent to reach your audience and appear as an expert in the industry. Unfortunately, many individuals are using these platforms incorrectly or not to their full potential and missing valuable opportunities to generate leads, connect with their audience, and achieve incredible success. There are many common social media mistakes that agents are making — and many may not even realize it. Let’s dive into some of these common errors and why you want to avoid them.


You Focus Only on Listings


How often do you post your latest listing on your social media channels? Is it the only thing you are posting? If so, stop! Posting fresh and unique content on your social channels is a simple way to generate leads and build trust with your audience. Nicole Hacault, a real estate agent in Winnipeg, Manitoba said that many agents don’t realize how important it is to post unique content and show that you are a real person.

“You have to stand out from everyone else that is out there and this is one way you can do that,” she said.

Rather than post listings continually, be diverse in your content. If are struggling to come up with ideas, check out this article.


You Don’t Mention Yourself


You don’t want to create a social media channel for your agency that turns into more of a personal profile or a resume. But, you must understand that your social channels are one resource where your potential buyers are going to look to learn more about you and your real estate expertise. Real estate is a large investment and many individuals will not consider your services until they get to know you and trust you.


“I think social media is essential,” Hacault said. “It is the first place people go to learn more about you. I just lost a listing because I didn’t have enough Instagram followers … so that night I upped my game and made sure there were more people following me.”


A few ways that you can help your followers learn about you is by posting live testimonials and video reviews, publish your bio, hold Q&A sessions, etc. Remember that getting to know you doesn’t have to focus entirely on get-to-know-you questions.


You Don’t Engage with Your Audience


Do you respond to your followers when they leave a comment or share a post on your channel? What about when they send you a message and ask a question? Your engagement on your social media channels is vital. This is another way that you show your readers that you are a real person and you are willing to help.


Keep in mind that when individuals reach out and ask questions or ask for additional data, they want that information fast. And if they don’t receive the information from you in a timely manner, they will reach out and seek another agent who will.

You Don’t Connect with Your Audience


Your social media channels aren’t just about showcasing what you know but rather providing the information that your followers want to know and that is valuable to them.


“I try to make it about them, because it is. It isn’t about me,“ Hacault said. “I want to showcase my clients and their accomplishments. It’s an amazing thing to buy or sell a home, and I want it to be incredibly special for them. I tell their story and I blast it out there in the social media world so they can show all their friends and family what they have accomplished.”


Not only do you want to feature your clients and the accomplishments they make, but find out the type of questions and information they are searching for when buying or selling a home. Then, focus on posting that type of information on your social channels. Additionally, knowing what questions your clients have will not only help you improve your social platforms but your website, blog, and newsletter as well.

Don’t be discouraged if you are seeing little success from your social media efforts and are regularly making these common social media mistakes. If you don’t have the time to perfect your channels, hire experts like those at Writtn for Real Estate Pros to help you create a social media channel that is diverse, engaging, and connects with those that matter most — your followers.