Courtnie Erickson, Real Estate Content Specialist,

So, you have finally decided it is time to ramp up your real estate blog. Content writing for real estate requires a lot more than a simple blog post. If you want to truly find success, you must create a content strategy that works. But what is a content strategy and why does it even matter for real estate agents? Let’s explore this idea and how to make it work for you.


What is a Content Strategy?

A content strategy is the execution of the content on your website, social channels, and other forms of communication. It involves the planning and research, creating, editing, and publishing process of the content. As a real estate agent, you must be seen and heard and your content strategy helps you achieve that. Krista Mashmore, a real estate coach and agent in Brentwood, California explained it best by saying that the only way for you to stand out as a leader is by constantly giving information and value to your community. She calls it being the Community Market Leader.

“The more content and value that you give, it will continue to show you as the expert. People will learn that they can trust you and the advice you are giving them.”

How Do You Develop a Content Strategy?


Every agent’s content strategy will be different. This is because you have goals, experience, location barriers, time constraints, etc., that are different than another agent. Let’s look at several items that are essential and that you must do for every content strategy.


1. A Goal


Your goal is the reason you create a content strategy. What is the purpose of your real estate blog? What are you hoping to achieve? The goals you set will help you be successful in your content writing. Determine both short and long-term goals and keeps these in mind as you develop your content strategy.


2. Do Your Research


Do your research and determine what type of content you wish to publish on your real estate website. Do you want to expand your content to more than just blog posts? The wider variety of content you include on your website, the more engaging it becomes for your readers and the more likely it is to be shared on social media. A few things to keep in mind includes:

  • One-third of all online activity is spent watching video.
  • 83% of video consumers say they would share a video on their social channels that they enjoy.
  • Companies that blog more than 11 times a month received more than three times the traffic than those that don’t blog.
  • Podcast listeners enjoy a minimum of five shows per week on average.
  • Infographics can increase traffic by up to 12%.
  • More than 90% of all information sent to the brain is visual.

3. Planning of Content

As you create a content strategy, your research is not enough. You must plan your creation and publishing process. There are many ways you can plan that are best for your schedule, needs, and goals. For example, you could create a content calendar that lists the days you want to publish your content, the topics you want to cover for the month, and even the type of content you wish to create. You may also create a to-do list for each day to help break up these projects and to ensure you meet all of your deadlines.


4. The Creation Process


For many real estate agents, the creation process is the most challenging step. Not only should you create content that is engaging and valuable, but that is SEO-friendly. Mashmore reassures agents that it’s okay if you don’t truly understand SEO. You aren’t expected too.

“Truly understanding SEO is a full-time job.  It’s almost like telling an average person who isn’t a licensed agent to sell their home on their own. They would not know where to start, and even if they did try, they’d be lost,” she said.

However, Mashmore also said that knowing some local marketing and SEO is vital to your success.

“Everyone is using the internet to look up information. The National Association of Realtors Home Buyer and Seller’s report states that buyers start looking three to six months prior to actually pulling the trigger. So, imagine the importance of showing up [in the rankings] of where they are looking.

If you struggle with the creation process or you simply don’t have time, hire experts to complete the content writing for your real estate website.


5. The Delivery


When you publish your content, you want to be consistent. You want to publish frequently to gain a following and appear as an authority on the subject. Additionally, you want to maintain consistency in your formatting and design. If your readers lose you from one page to the next, they will quickly click out of your website. Remember that you only have 15 seconds to make an impression on your readers. During the delivery of your content, make sure it is sure to impress and capture this attention. If not, figure out a way to do so by adding more visuals, applying subheads, shortening paragraphs, etc.

Creating your content strategy is not something that can be done in a matter of minutes. In fact, it may take several days to develop a strategy that helps you reach your goals. But by taking your time and doing it correctly, you will notice a difference.