Courtnie Erickson, Real Estate Content Specialist,

Why did you decide to become a real estate agent? What first attracted you to this position?


There are many perks as a real estate agent including a flexible schedule, tons of social interactions, the ability to express your creativity, and the variety of tasks and responsibilities that come with the job.


But, what are you doing to stand out from the dozens of other real estate agents in your city and town who feel the same way? How are you building your reputation and your credibility in the real estate industry?


Real estate is a large investment and many individuals won’t reach out until you have established their trust. But, how do you do this when they don’t know you? When they’ve never talked to you before?


The answer: through your website’s content.  


Let’s take a look at a few ways you can gain the trust of your audience through your website’s content.


1. Be Yourself


If you want to gain the trust of your clients, you need to be yourself in all aspects of your business — including your content. Rhonda Lavoie, a broker and realtor with The Urban Farmhouse in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada says you want to post content that exposes who you really are — the true you!


“No one needs to see your headshots over and over again!” she said. “Post pictures of you doing real life things or share events and reposts that interest you.”


However, Lavoie expressed a word of caution that there are certain topics you will want to avoid when posting or sharing such as religion and politics.


2. Be Consistent


Lavoie also suggests that if you want to increase your credibility and gain the trust of potential clients, you must be consistent. When you are consistent with the publishing and the posting of your real estate content, your audience knows what to expect and it shows that you are dependable.


Plus, the more consistently you publish content, the easier it is to build up your SEO and improve your search engine rankings. You can also gain more traffic to your site. In fact, bloggers who publish consistently will receive at least 30%more traffic for each post than those who do not.


3. Be Found!

If individuals have to search and dig to find any information about you and your agency, it doesn’t help your business. One of the biggest challenges of marketing yourself and building your credibility as a real estate agent is to simply be found.


“In today’s world, if you do not exist online, you do not exist,” Lavoie said. “The days of the Yellow Pages are behind us. Which is great! … kind of.”


Lavoie explained that in the Yellow Pages, you could pay large sums of money to have interesting ads created to make you stand out. When people searched for agents or professionals, it was easy to find you because you stood out and were visible. 


“Now information is only a couple of keystrokes away and if done right, your website will stand out and grab your future clients attention…..if it comes up in the search.,” she said.


To make yourself stand out, focus on both organic search and paid search options. Both have their own sets of benefits and can help you generate high-quality leads and an increase of website traffic.


3.  Be an Expert


While publishing content consistently and often is important, the type of content you publish is even more so. You want to publish content on your blog, in your newsletters, and even on your social media channels that make you appear as an expert in the real estate industry. You want to appear knowledgeable and an influencer in the industry.


Remember that for your clients, their home is one of the biggest investments they will ever make. They want to work with someone who can help them navigate through this complex and overwhelming process.


 Don’t try to hide behind a computer screen. Be yourself, be consistent, be found, and be an expert and you will be successful.