Courtnie Erickson, Real Estate Content Specialist,

As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of curb appeal. You know that you must spruce up the exterior of a home before potential buyers will show any interest in the interior. This is the same with maintaining your real estate blog. If the exterior of the blog is boring and unappealing, why is anyone going to spend time reading the copy?

This is why your headlines — the curb appeal of your blog — are so vital. They must capture and attract your readers.

Why Does This Even Matter?


Headlines are what determines if a reader will click on your content. If they are flat and dull, nobody is going to buy what you are selling. Research shows that eight out of 10 people will read your headline but only 2 out of 10 will actually read your copy. This means that you must create headlines that are interesting, well-written, and evoke emotion if you want clicks and an increase in traffic to your site.

Lauren Kinney, a Dallas, Texas real estate agent who works at Rogers Healy and Associates, shared a story with GetWrittn about how important our word choice is when capturing the attention of our audience. She said,

“I put a picture of a house for sale on my social media platforms, I didn’t just say “For Sale” and give the address, I asked my audience, “Please tell me why I shouldn’t sell my house and buy this one immediately?” It was gorgeous and there was a lot of conversation​ about the home.

Well, a lady called me up and said, “I follow you on Instagram, will you send me the details of the house?” She thought it was equally as gorgeous. It wasn’t the right fit for her, but who do you think she is working with when her lease is up in the summer?”

Be creative. Be willing to branch out with your headlines. By doing it correctly, you’ll see the difference.

What Constitutes a Good Headline?


Okay, so you understand the importance of writing headlines, but what constitutes a good headline and what type of headlines will attract your audience and increase your clicks?

There are many different opinions on what constitutes a good headline. There are classes you can take on headline writing, dozens of articles you can research online, hundreds of ideas you can gather from friends and co-workers, but there truly is no perfect way to write a headline. Also, the tone of your article, your message, and your target audience will all affect your headline writing.

For example, if you are creating a killer, in-depth article on staging a home that you plan to publish on your company blog, you likely want a more professional headline.

The Ultimate Guide to Staging a Home

If you are publishing the same article that will be pushed and promoted on social media, clickbait titles that make people interested and curious and will do much better than a professional article ever will.

 Want to Stage Your Home Like a Pro? A Real Estate Agent Provides Her Top 10 Tips that You’ve Never Heard of

What Types of Headlines Are There?


There are several types of headlines you can consider for your real estate blog. Some are ideal for certain topics and others for specific platforms. Let’s take a look.

 Lists: Lists are one of the most popular and most clicked-on headline options. Keep in mind that longer lists tend to do much better than short ones. Ideally, your lists should have at least 10 points.

How-to: These headlines are ideal if you are trying to get people to search for your content online. Try to incorporate keywords into your headline to help them rank high in the search engine rankings. Think of headlines such as “How to Stage a Home on a Budget.”

Clickbait: These headlines are emotional, controversial, or have an outrageous component to them, written to trick individuals into clicking on the headline. They can be things like “This Couple Did This One Thing and Made Millions on their Home Sale.”

Newsy: This type of headline states a fact or is a summary of a story. Search for local news stories and you’ll see dozens of these headline ideas.

Question: This headline simply asks a question. It can be an excellent way to focus on a target audience.

Tricks to Writing Headlines


If you struggle writing headlines, you aren’t alone. Many writers find headline writing to be the hardest part of their job. Here are a few tips to make it a little easier.

  1. Write at least a dozen headlines for each blog post and then choose your best one.
  2. Use a headline generator. There are dozens of these tools online for free that can help you narrow down your options.
  3. Write your headline last. This allows you to focus on your most important message in the title.
  4. Do your research. Be willing to spend time researching strong keywords to craft an excellent headline.

If you still need some help, outsource your blog writing to expert writers. By doing this, you don’t have to worry about crafting headlines that will generate clicks but can get back to focusing on the curb appeal of the homes you are selling.