If you’re serious about dominating online, you need to be building an email list. You can absolutely be successful without a list, but it’s going to be harder. The best realtors know the power of their list – they build massive lists with thousands of local contacts that they can reach out to with a monthly newsletter, or when they have an investment opportunity, etc. How many real estate transactions is the average person in your market involved with over their life… 3? 5? 1?  Owning a massive list of local contacts that continue to see your email newsletters on a monthly basis is terribly important –> when it comes time to make that representation decision, you naturally want to be top of mind as a knowledgeable and friendly professional so that you get the first call!

Are you building up your email list?

If not – I implore you to keep reading and let me teach you how to build local email contacts that will turn into commission 🙂

Before we get started — I assume you are using an email marketing software already? If not – get on AWeber or Mailchimp or another good mainstream app. My preference is AWeber for a number of reasons, but you’re cool so long as your use a mainstream software that will have good integration with landing page and website softwares. Follow my link for a 30-day free trial 😉


Now that you’re up and running with a good email marketing software, you need to formulate your email magnet. What’s an email magnet? It’s a simple piece of value that you are prepared to offer your prospective clients. A company selling black socks might offer a 25% discount off your first purchase if you sign up to their email list.


At this point, it’s important to consider who you are targeting. Some ideas…

  • Free Home Valuation
  • Free Home Inspection
  • Free Art Staging

By providing value you are incentivizing prospective clients to sign up to your email list. This will pay dividend as you now have permission to appropriately market to them using email. But, the more important piece here is that by signing up for your offer, they are indicating that they are at least considering listing their home.

Setting up the right email magnet is critical. You have to make sure you are capable of delivering on your promise immediately. For the sake of this exercise, we’re going to go with a free home valuation… when somebody signs up to my landing page, you’re going to call them within 24 hours and set up a time for a home visit.

Cool. You have your email marketing software setup. You have a good offer. Now it’s time to build your landing page… I recommend you use a software like Instapage. It’s just simple and the combo with AWeber is perfect as they have insanely easy integration.


Build a Killer Landing Page

Keep Your Big Selling Point “Above the Fold”

As Shawn Naggiar of the Content Marketing Institute explains, there’s no better way to start off the landing page experience for buyers and sellers in your local marketplace – and capture an email contact list sign-up – than by keeping your best content or selling point “above the fold.”

“Keep the most important content ‘above the fold’ – referring to the content immediately visible on the screen before scrolling down.” – Shawn Naggiar, The Content Marketing Institute

While leveraging the above the fold approach dates back to the literal physical creasing of newspapers and the headlines that faced outward, today’s modern take on this concept for real estate digital marketing instead refers to the initial portion of the page viewed by visitors to your various landing pages. The big key here is that it’s okay to fill in the details as readers scroll down, but you’d better have something powerful – like a strong call-to-action (CTA) or eye-popping statistic – leading the way above the fold.


Make Your CTA Simple and Straightforward

Speaking of CTAs, there’s nothing worse than when a potentially interested client ends up abandoning the sign-up experience thanks to a confusing or overly complex CTA experience. It might sound obvious now, but Chris Hexton of Marketing Land points out that the number of landing pages that fall prey to this issue is surprisingly high.

If you really want to maximize your email list growth, Hexton suggests keeping things short, simple, and straight to the point. Some of the best ways to enact this kind of strategy and give your viewers a helping hand as they sign up for your real estate newsletter or periodic messages include:

  • The use of arrows that highlight sign-up fields and other important portions of the CTA.
  • Big, colorful buttons that tell the reader exactly what they need to do to complete the process.
  • A list of benefits that come from connecting with a seasoned real estate veteran like yourself.

Naturally, these suggestions can – and will – change based on the angle of approach you take when it comes to implementing a sign-up CTA on your landing page. Even so, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better, more effective approach to boosting your contact list numbers than keeping things easy and straightforward for these future clients.

Include Social Proof and Other Trust Factors

Today’s real estate digital marketing landscape is inexorably tied to the world of social media – no one can deny this fact. With this in mind, Juan Pablo Castro of Business 2 Community points out that it makes perfect sense to keep this connection going strong by adding social proof and other trust factors to your landing page.

“These are the assurances that give your customers peace of mind.” – Juan Pable Castro, Business 2 Community

A realtor can talk about how great and informative his or her weekly newsletter is until he or she is blue in the face, but the truth of the matter is that this endorsement will never mean as much as the word of a fellow homebuyer or seller. More specifically, for the viewer who is on the verge of signing up for your contact list, having an embedded tweet, Facebook post, or other offering from a satisfied member of your current base of subscribers is often the deciding factor that leads the acceptance of this offer.

Incorporating social proofs and other trust factors requires a willingness to reach out to your current viewership to harvest these valuable inclusions. However, the digital elbow-rubbing required to gather these offerings will be well worth the work once the new subscribers to your email contact list start pouring in from every corner of the web.

Build Some Traffic to this Landing Page

Facebook ads is a good start. Gives you TONS of great targeting data to work against. I typically get down to 10 cents a click after a few shots in the dark with my campaigns. So – if you figure at worst you have a 10% conversion rate, you’re spending roughly a dollar for every email you collect.

Maybe partner with a couple local firms and write guest posts on their blogs? Do you have a mortgage broker that you work with? What about an accountant? Lawyer? Plumber? All these guys have websites, no? And I’m sure if you approached them and said “Hey – Yo Friend. I’d like to write an article for your blog linking back to an offer I have up at the moment. Mind if I write you something” they wouldn’t say no, would they?

What about local blogs? Local forums? Your market is spending time online! And it’s important for you to find them 🙂

And that’s it. Get an account with AWeber >> setup your landing pages with Instapage >> Build Traffic to Your Landing Pages. What you do next is up to you! Send the list your newsletter. Send them weekly blog content. Send them opportunities for investment. Etc. Eventually, (in the aggregate) they will buy with you, and choose you to list their home! Stick with it though — please — don’t give up if you have a bad week or two. You need a massive email list – your target market needs representation a few times in their LIFE!! You might have to be engaging with these guys (digitally speaking) for years before it’s time for them to buy / sell / invest.

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